Pneumatics, Electro Pneumatics


Pneumatics, Electro Pneumatics

The Basic pneumatic and electro pneumatic training course covers pneumatic principles of mechanical maintenance. Describes components of the pneumatic and electro pneumatic system and their functions for maintenance procedures, including service units, filters, compressor reservoirs, piping, tubing and hoses, control valves, regulating valves, and actuating devices also electrical switches, relays, sensors, and pneumatic solenoid valves. This pneumatic course covers a variety of cylinders and training on rotary actuators.

Course Outcomes:
- Describe mechanical and pneumatic fundamentals
- Describe and explain fundamentals and terminology of control technology
- Explain function, structure and use of pneumatic components
- Read and sketch pneumatic circuit diagrams
- Design, build up, test and maintain simple control circuits
- Apply work safety regulations
- Carry out systematic troubleshooting of simple pneumatic circuits
- Explain physical fundamentals of electricity and pneumatics
- Describe function, structure and use of electro-pneumatic devices
- Read and sketch electro-pneumatic circuit diagrams
- Carry out systematic troubleshooting of simple electro-pneumatic controls

- Basic Automation

Price for students:
750EGP including the daily transportation and daily lunch

Payment Method:
COMEC Company
Address: 12 Abo Elmaatty Street, Agouza-Giza-Egypt
Phone: 01282139897 - 01090126988
COMEC is open: Saturday-Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm


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    Formative Automation (FA)
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  • Price:
    750 EGP
  • Special price for students and fresh graduates

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