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Technical Master Trainer (TMT) batch4

  • Posted 3 months ago

Reflecting on a triumphant conclusion of our 90-day Technical Master Trainer (TMT) program in conjunction with AmCham Egypt, held on Oct 29th-30th. We celebrate the resilience and growth of our participants who've successfully completed this specially curated training initiative. This program has empowered a fresh wave of Egyptian technical trainers, broadening their skills and providing them with vital tools to excel in various sector disciplines.

Leveraging a unique hybrid training model, we blend the ease of online learning with the robustness of face-to-face sessions. If your expertise is in Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Energy, Welding, CNC or PLC, join our program to further enhance your training capabilities.

We extend our deepest appreciation to each participant for their unwavering dedication and commitment to fostering a progressive learning environment. We celebrated this spirit of continuous growth and learning by awarding certificates in our closing ceremony.